We've prepared these terms and conditions in an as 'jargon free' method as we can. We don't want to appear unreasonable and they are in place to protect both parties.

Please have a read through and if you have any questions, please contact us


Upon initial consultation and provisional acceptance of the booking for our aerial photography, videography and cinematograhy services a £100 non-refundable deposit is payable to South Coast Air.

This amount is to cover our administration fees any costs we may incur preparing site surveys, accquiring the permission of landowners, the Civil Aviation Authority, local Air Traffic Controllers etc.

Very occasionally jobs projects can fail at this stage. If that happens South Coast Air will work with you to offer alternative arrangements which we are confident can be carried out to both side's satisfaction


South Coast Air will then discuss with you (the client) and prepare our final quotation which is our formal acceptance of the booking. Once this is signed by both parties it is a binding contract so of course we have to have a few rules in place.

Upon final acceptance of a booking South Coast Air will require a 50% non refundable* (subject to additional terms) deposit of the remaining payable fees. This is to include all charges outside of the initial consultation such as obtaining special CAA permissions or permits top access land etc.

The final balance of the fees will be payable upon delivery of the raw footage which, unless by pre-arrangement is usually on the day of the flight.

Payment for any add-ons or extras will be due at the time they are discussed and agreed upon. Examples of (but not limited to) these extras would include include additional flight time, extended hours etc, variation to flight plans and schedules.


Sometimes, even the best laid plans hit snags and problems along the way. We can't list every possible reason for work to be delayed but we will try and work to the simple maxim that if it's our fault we give you your money back, if it's your fault we don't but even that isn't set in stone. We would far rather build a relationship with our clients than annoy them by keeping their money and doing no work.

Here's a few examples of cancellations and how we would normally deal with them. 


Aerial photography can be affected quite heavily by the weather; high winds, rain, snow, fog, extreme temperatures and other elements such as extreme solar flares all mean that we have to remain grounded.

South Coast Air use professional weather forecasting services to help us minimise the effect of weather on our operations but sometimes things are just beyond our control. 

We live on a small rain soaked and often windy island and if our (sometimes unpredictable) weather forces a postponement we will always try to reschedule and initially offer to complete the work on the first fine available day and usually within 7 days.

If this is impossible to arrange (as an example the site is flooded) your deposit (excluding the initital £100 fee) will be refunded. The initial £100 will be granted as a credit against the final booking when the project resumes or against your next booking.


It's just possible that once in a while a temporary no fly zone can be declared exactly where we want to shoot. Surprise visits by foreign dignatories, local events which we were never aware of, wars etc. We apply the same refund policy to these events as the weather and will look to re-arrange your flight at the first available opportunity.


We are sorry, if you change your mind no refund will be issued, however, if you want to re-schedule we'll happily discuss offering a reduced price on the second booking as a goodwill gesture. This will be applied to the final balance and a further deposit may be required.


If either side is affected by serious illness and is unable to complete the mission or find deputies/contractors to fulfill their designated roles we would arrange a new appointment as in the above paragraphs. Please note the use of the word 'serious'. Just calling the job off because you are feeling a bit unwell is not seriously ill and will not be looked upon favourably, especially if we've all had to get up at 5.00 am and wait around in a freezing cold field whilst you decide that you quite fancy a bit of a lie in. Hangovers and colds are most definitely excluded from the list of serious illnesses and will result in forfeit of your deposit


That's just about it for the time being. If we think of anything else we'll add it as we go along We like to think that we are reasonable people and like dealing with other reasonable people and reasonable people don't need too many rules.

Thanks for reading and as we said at the top of the page, if you have any questions, please contact us to discuss them.